Why You Need Personal Brand Photography

as a creative entrepreneur or influencer your time is money

You have a split second to hold a potential client’s attention. You already know that the quality of the images that you use is what drives engagement with your brand and is therefore vital to the success of your business. Right now, the hottest commodity for entrepreneurs and influencers like yourself is an active and attentive audience that trusts in your brand.

Currently, the people that are standing out from all the white noise online are the ones that share their stories with their audience. Stories hold your viewers’ attention by connecting on a personal and emotional level using personal brand photography.

With instagram alone receiving over 95 million posts every day, you can’t compete in your market without outstanding images that convey your brand perfectly.

Jewelry Branding - Social Media Photography - Trilogie Studios
Personal Brand Photography - Ashley - Trilogie Studios

Your Story

Everyone has a story! When your story is authentic and relatable, your audience will connect with you, your brand and your message. As you captivate your audience, you leverage potential income while growing your brand. Your story, told through personal brand photography, is unique to you and your brand. Shouldn’t your images be too?


Fun fact - "The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. And it happens in 1/10th of 1 second!"

Translate Your Brand Into Images

Personal Brand Photography is a new and upcoming genre of photography that entrepreneurs and influencers have been searching for.
No longer do you have to settle for overused stock photography, boring headshots or recycling old phone images. By letting us translate your brand into images, you get:

Personal Brand Photography - Chelsi - Trilogie Studios
Personal Brand Photography - Chelsi - Trilogie Studios

Professional, Magazine-Quality Images

Shot specifically to tell your story and gain new followers.

Content To Use

In all your social media feeds, FB ads, promotions, marketing materials, website updates, and press releases!

Your Valuable Time Back

Let us do what we do best so you can get back to what you do best!

A True Investment

As you build brand trust with your following, you will see your conversion rates soar!

A Consistent Look and Feel For Your Brand

To build client trust and confidence.

A Great Team

Not to brag, but we’re pretty rad.

How It Works

Your Brand Identity Is About To Surpass Your Competition...
  1. Contact us . We’ll set up the initial meeting (either in person if local or via Skype) to discuss your vision, your brand and set up the best plan of action for you.
  2. Initial Meeting. We really get to know your brand, inside and out. It’s vital to escalate your brand influence and trust.
  3. Get to Work. You can get back to doing what you do best. Meantime, we will be planning, researching and scheduling the photo sessions.
  4. Session Day. You’ll be in good hands with our creative team! We make it fun to be in front of the camera.
  5. Content Delivery! We work hard in post-production to deliver your images within two weeks.
Let's Get Started
Personal Brand Photography - Coffee Shop Story - Trilogie Studios
Personal Brand Photography - Ashley - Trilogie Studios

Invest In Your Brand

...and yes, it is an investment with an actual financial return!

We know you and your business are unique and will have specific needs. That’s why we customize our services around your business needs. We simplify this process by suggesting only the services that would best help your business.

Most of our clients invest $7500 on average each quarter to have daily content available to post and keep up their online engagement.

When you add us to your team, you can rest assured that you now have a professional photography studio behind you ready to make growing your business a priority. We only take on a specific number of clients per year to ensure we can offer only the very best for your business with the attention you deserve. Not being spread too thin enables us to get to know you and your business on a deeper level required to authentically portray your brand.


Personal Brand Photography for your business is essential for your success!

Start Today!

The Team

Our Amazing Team

Ethan and Jamie are a Seattle based team who merged their photography passions into a single studio in 2016. Both have experience in commercial photography, portraiture and branding. Their love of storytelling and the thrill of high end fashion are the perfect blend of their styles, which provides a branding session like you’ve never experienced before now.

While we call Washington home, we are available to travel worldwide.

Personal Brand Photography - The Crew - Trilogie Studios
Vienna C

Vienna C

“Ethan and Jamie are extremely talented photographers who have a great way of making you feel comfortable and beautiful in your own skin. They really find a way to accentuate your inner beauty and let it shine through their work. It’s always an amazing experience working with them and I’m never disappointed!”
Maddie C

Maddie C

“Working with Trilogies Studios has been an amazing experience. Walking into their studio brings instant joy and excitement, and I can’t wait to get in front of the camera and start shooting! The photographers Jamie and Ethan provide a great work environment to be in and make you laugh 90% of the time. Can’t wait for my next session!”

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